Sunday, March 04, 2007

Battlestar Galactica - Starbuck Goes Boom!

Union crap is out of the way. Let's see what new drama they get into. And where are the Cylons??

Starbuck keeps having dreams of when she was in captivity with the Cylon Leobin and appears to be having an extra bad dream...or an orgasm. It's hard to tell.

Starbuck sees a shrink/psychic who says Leobin knows of her "destiny" and is coming to get her. Starbuck tells the bitch to stop channeling Miss Cleo. She does some psychic hatin' and storms out.

Anders listens to Starbuck talk about her childhood. Anders is HOT!

On a refueling mission on a planet, Starbuck imagines she sees a cylon raider and sees the shape and color in the clouds of the drawing she made and flies down toward it. Apollo convinces her to pull back up just before she was too far to be able to return.

Starbuck is one crazy fool! She's seeing things all over the place. She keeps flashing back to her abusive mom.

In another dream, Leobin reminds Starbuck how her mother called her a lazy ass good for nothing bitch. She also found out at that time that mom was dying. Mom got more bitchy and Starbuck split.

Leobin takes Starbuck in a vision to her mother's deathbed and lets her make up with her before her death. He says he's not really Leobin but someone who is there to prepare her to move on.

Starbuck flies her ship towards a light and tells Apollo to let her go. Her ship explodes. Bye bye Starbuck. Lesbians around the world mourn.

Adama takes it hard. Smashes his model ship. So is she really dead? I find that hard to believe. She'll be back somehow.

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