Sunday, March 11, 2007

Amazing Race - It's Back To Boston For You!

Amazing Race All-Stars time again. Hicks are gone. Let's see who's next.

Rob and Amber say they are the team to beat. Beat with a big stick that is.

Why oh why???

Mirna says she has to work harder than any other team in the show's history to compensate for her team's "shortcomings". HEH! Poor Charla.

Teams have to look for a shipwreck. Once there, it's Detour time. Navigate it or Sign It. They have to build a signpost with cities listed in a certain order. Seems Rob can't spell.

And cue the weekly Mirna meltdown. Girlfriend is crazy! Mirna yells at Charla because her midget arms can't carry anything. Sheesh! Why does Charla put up with her??

Road Block. Teams have to be a mail man and look for an envelope with their names on it from one of the past racers. It's all boring. Except that Rob and Amber got a letter full of Rob and Amber hate. Heh.

Oswald and Danny are first to the pitstop. They win a trip to a resort and ask if Phil will come with them. Phil says that would be a different kind of reality show. You are right Phil. Run while you can!

Rob and Amber are last to the pitstop. HEH! Actually, I'm surprised there wasn't a non elimination leg. I thought for sure they would to keep them in. Well, I'm ok with that! Guess Rob will have to go home and do his big talk to himself. At least until the next reality show he goes on.

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