Tuesday, May 01, 2007

American Idol - Still Top 6

Nobody went home last week and two are going home this week. Nosferatu, you WILL be one! They will be singing Bon Jovi songs. Jon Bon Jovi is the mentor.

First up is Phil Stacey. He's getting uglier every week! Actually, Nosferatu sounds pretty good. Randy and Paula loved it. Well, I still want his butt booted tomorrow.

Next is Jordin Sparks. I guess she was going for the big hair 80's rock look, but what was up with that?? She's got a family of rats living in that weave. I think I saw their tails hanging out of it. And what's up with those banana yellow pumps? She was just ok to me. Nothing great. Judges hated it. Hmm. I think this is some reverse psychology to get her fans to vote more.

Lakisha Jones is next. At least she's hiding Boobs-A-Poppin' this week. She still sounds terrible in a low register, but when she brought it up, she sounded good. The judges all loved her. In fact Simon loved her so much, he had to kiss her on the lips. I don't think it was a good as he did. But it was good nonetheless.

Next is Blake Lewis and he dyed his hair brown! Still looks cute! He was crazy! Doing beat boxing all through it. I thought it was great! I bet the old geezers listening were lost. But it was HOT! Video is below.

Chris Richardson is next. First of all, he's looking EXTRA HOT! I was expecting this not to be that good, but I thought it was real good. I think I liked it better than Phil. He better hope he gets extra votes this week.

Last to sing is Melinda Doolittle. She was a rockin! She was Melinda. Excellent! Truly the best voice in this contest. Video is below.

Now why ruin the show by showing Bush pimping for camera time. Anyway. Leaving tomorrow...Phil and Lakisha. That's right, I said it! I may be wrong, but that's my picks.

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