Thursday, May 24, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Season 3

WOOT! So You Think You Can Dance is back baby! I'm so psyched. Even though I must put up with a couple weeks of stank audition episodes, I'm so looking forward to the final group competing!

And for old times sake, here's my favorites from last year, including TRAVIS!!

They start off the auditions with Dancing Derrick. He's kinda cute, but a FREAK! He about passed out and needed oxygen.

PASHA! A ballroom dancer auditioning with his partner. Pasha is HOT! They were great and the judges sent them right on to the next round in Vegas.

Heather was told after her two surgeries, she should never dance again. But she wants none of that. She's a dancing diva! She looks like Sigmond the Sea Monster, but the judges loved her and sent her to Vegas.

Hanna-Lee was in that crazy accident in Israel where a dancefloor collapsed and everyone fell through. I remember that video, it was crazy! She was all bruised up from it and she wants to prove she can dance still. Well, she did ok, and Nigel is sending her to to the dance off to see if she should move to the next round.

This is Joel Bernabel and WHAT THE FUG?! That is some scary stuff! And his dancing wasn't much better.

Last year's finalist Stanislav shows up with his sister to help her audition. He still looks all crazy. She was pretty good and judges sent her on to Vegas.

Jamal was given a second chance if he could show he could swing dance like he said he could. He was just standing there and the judges knew he was lying. Then he breaks out in dancing and is actually pretty good! Way to go Jamal. He's on to Vegas.

"Sex" is back for another try at auditions. Um. I've heard of bringing sexy back, but I don't think Justin meant this! Ugh! Nigel cussed out Sex's mother.

Well, there's the first night of auditions. I wish they would show more of the good dancers. But it's like Idol. Show the freaks! Till next week...

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Anonymous said...

Be careful with what you say about Dancing Derrick..That's my boy you're talkin about!!