Wednesday, May 16, 2007

American Idol Top 3 - Results

Results time. This will be a close one. Will Blake be outta there or will he make the cut? We'll see.

Elliot Yamin is in the house with his new choppers and some crazy hair! Actually, his new CD is pretty good, and he sounded good tonight. Those new teeth are crazy white and big!

Shameless Ford plug commercial. The idols are little tots. Baby Blakey is rockin' out!

Next up, Maroon 5 perform. Adam Levine looks HOT! He got Paula all dancing. But then an old cardboard box would probably get her dancing too.

Well, Melinda is sent home. Ugh. Figures. Well, I hope she doesn't accept a contract from the Idol folks and goes out and gets a better one elsewhere!

So it's Jordin and Blake in the finals. Jordin is the pre-ordained winner, but I'll still be rooting for Blake anyway. Maybe Chris will be back to root him on too! GO CAKE!

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