Sunday, May 06, 2007

Amazing Race Allstars - Finale

Amazing Race All-Stars finale is here! Oswald and Danny were eliminated last week so that leaves three annoying teams. And if that midget wins, there will be some serious cussing going on!

Teams have to travel to Hawaii. Beauty Queens and Team Airhead scramble to get the best flight, but ol' Grumpy and Frumpy find one that gets in 40 minutes before the other teams.

Charla and Mirna celebrate being in the lead by being stupid as usual.

Detour. Under or Over. Charla and Mirna choose to paddle to the bouy. What the??? Now that's sexy!

Stupid blondes decide to get out of the boat as if they'll get there faster walking in the water. Of course they are wrong...and stupid.

Teams head to their final city destination San Francisco. Beauty Queens get to the airport and say "I wonder if there's a place here to buy tickets." Eh? Um, yeah, try McDonalds asshat!

Mirna says she will use all of her mental abilites to win the race. Oh well, guess that means they lost!

Next task a team member has to answer questions about other team members which will form a combination for a safe. Then the other team member has to do the same thing and come up with the same combination. Eric and Danielle are first to solve it.

Eric and Danielle make it to the finish line first and win the race and the million dollars. He is only able to muster up a hug and peck on the forehead for Danielle. Sorry girl, it'll take at least 2 million to get him to kiss you on the lips! Well, I suppose they were who I was hoping to win. The worst of three evils.

Charla and Mirna come in third and have to take their stank selves home with no money. I'm sure Mirna will miss talking in her mystery accent. Oh, who am I kidding, she probably talks that way when she goes to the local convenient store. "Rapido Rapdio, where's my Slurpee... Stay in school, win more medals!"

Phil tells Eric he can call his family to tell the news. He quickly forgets all about this "Danielle" chick he's standing next to and excitedly calls his "family", Jeremy, who is SCARY! Jeremy says he's rich now biotch! You better hope your boyfriend shares it with you. Jeremy ends the call with Eric by saying "I'm gonna give you some spankings when you get home". No big shock there!

Oh well, another season of Amazing Race is over. My Sunday's are now Mirna-free! Yay!

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