Thursday, May 31, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Auditions - Atlanta

So You Think You Can Dance auditions continue as they head to Atlanta! Bring on the freaks!

First up is Caitlin, an 18 year old. She was a dancing mini-diva. Very impressive. She made it to Vegas.

Christopher is a huge Nsync fan. He cries whenever he is around the band. Eep! He does some wacked out moves. Judges told him "Bye Bye Bye!"

Brandon is up and is a clogger. Eh?? He reminds me of Clay Aiken if Clay was even gayer! He sure did some crazy ass clogging. He was pretty fun to watch! But what's with those snaggle teeth! And the judges are sending his crazy teeth to Vegas! Video of his audition is below.

Day 2 of Atlanta auditions start. Brian is first. He's got scoliosis. He did some'm not sure what he was doing. But he entertained everyone. Judges sent him to do choreography. Not sure if he can do that though.

Myles is next and is CUTE! He used to play football then switched to ballet. You work it you DIVA! Judges thought he was good but needs more training. They let him do choreography. His video is below.

Kippery is next. Whoa. She says she's a hip hopper. She does skreet (street) hip hop. Although she looks as big as an entire street...or make that skreet. There's more waves goin on in her body than the Titanic!

And what's up with her booty? It's doin strange things!

Chris is one of the last. He's was in the Marines and lives on some hick cattle farm. He did some hoedown crazy country mess. Nigel asked if he liked Brokeback Mountain. HEH! Not surprisingly, he didn't. They showed him respect but had to let him leave.

After the choreography round, judges decide to let Brian go home, but not before Shane offers him an appearance in a movie. And cutie Myles is going to Vegas! Nigel psyched him out to think he wasn't, then gave him the good news.

On the next episode. It's Vegas Week! Bring it on!

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