Monday, May 21, 2007

Heroes Finale - Peter is HOT...Literally!

It's Heroes season finale. Let's see if they stop Sylar/Peter from exploding!

Peter takes Claire to Nathan for help, but Claire doesn't trust Nathan and takes off. Peter reads Nathan's thoughts and realizes that he doesn't want to help him so he runs off looking for Claire.

Peter has a dream of when he was first taking care of Charles Deveaux. He watches as Charles and Peter's mom discuss the exploding bomb plot and realizes his mom is up to no good. Two Peters standing next to each other! Double the pleasure!! Charles then starts talking to second Peter and tells him he is the one to save NY.

Hiro teleports into Isaac's loft just as Sylar is getting ready to kill Ando. Hiro grabs Ando and teleports away.

Nathan's mom tells Claire that now she can finally have what she wants...a family. Claire tells her that she already has one, then jumps out the window. Of course she survives the jump.

Hiro teleports Ando back to Japan and tells him he is leaving him there to be safe. He grabs the sword and says he must continue his mission on his own. Ando tells Hiro he looks badass!

Bennet...or make that Noah Bennet, tells Peter he's going to stay with him while he takes on Sylar. Of course that didn't last too long. Sylar shows up and knocks out Bennet and it's a Peter/Sylar showdown!

Peter starts going all nuclear but Hiro teleports in and stabs Sylar.

Peter keeps going Nuclear and tells Claire to shoot him. But Nathan flies in just in time to grab Peter and fly him away from NY to safely explode high in the air.

Seems Sylar survived and slithered down the storm drain to party with the cockroaches.

And the season ends with Hiro teleporting into 17th century Japan out in an open field with samauri looking soldiers heading for him!

Wow! Cool end to a great season. I'll be curious to see what they do for season 2!

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