Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Auditions Day 2

So You Think You Can Dance auditions continue! Oh, let these get over with already!

They are in LA for auditions and Lauren was the first up. She worked with choreographer Tyce DiOrio. She was very sassy. Judges sent her right to Vegas.

EJ shows up ready for some full-sized workin'! It's just scary! He had some good moves, but Nigel said he is too much a fat ass to be on the show. Sorry EJ. And yes, I gotta do a video of it! See below.

Colin's greatest achievement was hugging Anna Nicole Smith. I think she should have slapped him instead. He's just wrong!

Gold Inferno is next. Eh? What is he, a ghetto Power Ranger? Whoa, that was crap-tastic! Nigel actually liked him and asked him back to the choreography round. But he doesn't make it any further. Aww.

Winky and Hiccup King are next. Judges cant stop laughing at Hiccup boy's constant hiccups. But they do a pretty good ballroom routine. Not as good as PASHA! from last week, but good. Both make it to Vegas.

Chuy is next with some contemporary dancing. He is HOT and a great dancer and heading to Vegas!

Hok returns after auditioning last year and does some crazy moves! And it got him to Vegas!

Last year's winner Benji Schwimmer shows up with his little sister Lacey, who is auditioning.

Now they head to Chicago for more auditions. Phillip is up doing some crazy popping. He did some CRAZY things with his body and has some big ass lips! Judge Shane Sparks loved him and looked like he was about to cry! They sent him on to Vegas.

Yesenia is up next. Shake that healthy butt! Baby got BACK! And she's got on pants that say "sexy back" on her butt. She worked it! And got a ticket to Vegas!

Janet is one of the last ones to audition for the day. She's from my hometown of Tampa, FL. She's got a prosthetic arm and I didn't even realize until they mentioned it. She was good. She made it to Vegas.

Tomorrow, they head to Atlanta!

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