Tuesday, May 15, 2007

American Idol - Top 3

It's down to the Top 3 and we'll see who goes on to the finals. Will the expected happen and Blake goes home or will they have the yearly shocker finally and Melinda goes home? Either way, Jordin's not going anywhere. The producers will see to that! Now that Lakisha is gone, who's going to take her place as "Boobs-A-Poppin"? Well Simon of course!

First up is Jordin Sparks. She sounded real good. Keep this up Jordin and I won't feel mad about you winning.

Next is Blake Lewis singing Roxanne. I hate that song. He sounded good. Of course, he's probably scared to death to beatbox. Judges were mixed with his performance.

Melinda Doolittle is next singing Whitney. She was great as always. Simon says she won round one.

On to the songs selected by the producers. First is Jordin Sparks singing Donna Summer. I'm surprised they didn't pick a diva song of Donna's. That sounded kind of ordinary. She was good, but nothing special.

Blake is next singing Maroon 5. It was a fun performance with just a little beatboxing thrown in. Good job. Judges all liked it.

Melinda is next working some Tina Turner. Wow! What a great vocal! That was the best so far! Video below.

Now each are singing their favorite song. Jordin is first singing I Who Have Nothing. It was a very good performance, like last time when she sung it. Paula and Randy loved it. Simon thought it sounded to old fashioned for her.

Blake is next singing Robin Thicke. It was crazy, sexy, and cool! Great job! Video of the song below, plus a little Baby Got Back!

Last up is Melinda doing I Am Woman one more time. She was sassy again! Great as usual.

It's tough calling it at this point. I feel the two who should go to the finals are Melinda for being so perfect everytime and Blake for being fun, different and entertaining while having good vocals. But, it will probably be Jordin and and Melinda. Well, I can still hope that the Blaker Girls come through with their voting!

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