Monday, May 07, 2007

Heroes - Sylar's A Mama's Boy

It's Heroes time. After last week's awesome five year in the future episode, let's see if Hiro is able to get Sylar!

Syler paints another picture of the future and realizes that he's supposed to kill Ted and end up exploding. He calls Mohinder for help, but Mohinder tries calling the police. Oops. Super-hearing Sylar hears him dialing and hangs up.

Thompson introduces Mohinder to Molly Walker. A girl who can find someone anywhere in the world by thinking of them. Oh, and she's a whiz with a coloring book too.

Hiro and Ando go to visit Isaac and run into Sylar. They follow him to Sylar's mother's house. He talks like he doesn't want to keep killing since he will end up blowing up. But then he turns mom's living room into one big snow globe.

Nicki and DL walk through walls into Linderman's gallery. They learn that Linderman is in New York, probably with Micah and head off to find him.

Sylar admits to mom that he has killed many people, then when she disapproves (imagine that), he kills her. Hiro freezes time and goes in to kill Sylar. But, surprise! time unfreezes. Interesting. Not sure if it was because Hiro lost his concentration or something Sylar did. Sylar tells Hiro to kill him but Hiro can't and teleports out just before Sylar can kill him. And he breaks Hiro's sword.

Peter tells Claire to shoot him if he starts to explode and gives her a gun. She then contemplates how she could shoot someone so HOT! Oh, wait, that was what I was contemplating. Sorry.

Peter runs into Matt, Bennet, and Ted. He immediately starts absorbing Ted's power and starts to go nuclear. Oops. Will he be able to control it? Well, duh. We'll see next week.

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Anonymous said...

omfg i love heros sooo much its brill and peter is soooo fit man! xxxxx