Wednesday, May 02, 2007

American Idol Top 6 Results - Get A Room Boys!

Well, tonight, two people are getting the boot. Nosferatu, you better be one! We'll see.

Blake tells how he mixed the song he sang last night on a program he has and added a bunch of beats. He said that he brought a mixing studio with him that him and Chris rock in once in a while. Heh! I bet they do. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in that studio! Check out them two holding hands above! Aww.

What the?? It must be All You Can Eat Night at the buffet!

Is there something wrong with my TV? What the heck is this? How limber of you Mindy!

Chris in leather, a hot tattoo, and bouncing balls. I think I'm in heaven!

First round of bottom two are Phil and Lakisha. Hmm. I like where this is going...

And the first to be eliminated tonight is Phil! WOOT! Bout time. Send him off into the night to find his next victim! And don't come back! We got wooden stakes ya know!

The bottom two of the second group are Blake and Chris. Eep! This can't be good. Don't break up CAKE!

Blake and Chris tell Ryan that they are best friends. Chris says that he would go home tonight for Blake. I think he meant to say he would "go home WITH Blake tonight"! He says at least they'll be together again on the tour. Oh you to. Get a room already...or I guess that mixing studio!

Of course, Chris is going home. RUDE! Don't break my CAKE! You will be missed you cutie! Now I gotta put up with Lakisha's Boobs-A-Poppin and Jordin's rat infested hair! At least Blakey is still there. Curse you voters! Below is a video of the the elimination.

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