Monday, May 14, 2007

Heroes - Sylar's A Flaming Drama Queen!

It's Heroes time. Election day has come.

Peter was able to control his "Ted" power and did not explode. Of course.

Peter convinces Ted to go with him and Claire to "save the world". Sylar listens in from around the corner.

Linderman heals Nathan's wife so she can walk again. I'm sure Nathan will now do whatever Linderman says.

Sylar tips the cops who arrest Ted, but Peter and Claire disappear and get away. Sylar's eyebrows are just too creepy! Maybe he needs to steal the power from the Human Eyebrow Tweezer!

Hiro runs into his dad. Dad tells him he's known about Hiro's powers all the time and he is going to help train him to use his sword. And he does some serious sword swinging and gets Hiro all badass!

Micah uses his power to fix the electronic ballots to register a landslide win for Nathan's Senate bid.

Matt and Bennet sneak into the place where Molly is being kept. Bennet kills Thompson and threatens to kill Molly if Mohinder doesn't put down his gun.

Sylar uses telekenesis to flip the van taking Ted away. He does some serious head slicing and gets his power.

Niki and DL confront Linderman. He offers Jessica 20 million to forget about Micah. Niki refuses him. After being shot by Linderman, DL phases his fist into Linderman's head and kills him...supposedly. With this show, you never know!

Sylar becomes a flame (kinda like he was on "So Notorious") and gets ready to go BOOM! We'll see next week if they can stop him!


eye brow addicted said...

hi can u do me a favour im no reasercher and u sound like a heroes fan wat is ur view on sylars spock eyebrows for series 3
and also is there any more obsessive eye brow(only zachary quintos)fans out there or am i on my own ?? as i am the 1st person to leave a comment cud u do it if u do write a story about his eyebrows ill tell evry1 i no bouut this site**me**ur big friend in need

eye brow addicted said...