Tuesday, May 22, 2007

American Idol - Finale

It the finals! Let's see how they do tonight, before Jordin wins tomorrow. Go Blake! And let the Jordin pimping begin!

They flip a coin to decide who chooses who sings first. Blake wins and asks Jordin what she wants to do. Then after evil looks from Ryan, he says he'll sing first. And he sings You Give Love A Bad Name again. I kinda figured he would. It was like the first time he sang it. Very fun and good.

Jordin sings Fighter and does some serious screaming. Simon calls her out on that too.

Blake returns singing another Maroon 5 song "She Will Be Loved". He did pretty well. He didn't throw in any craziness, but it was good. Work that sweater vest cutie!

Jordin returns singing A Broken Wing and does a good job just like her original performance of that song. Judges overall liked it a lot.

Blake is back with yet another sweater vest to sing the new song. And it's a sappy mess of a ballad that's perfect for Jordin. Totally not Blake's style. It's called "This Is My Now." This is my eardrums screaming! Ugh, that's almost as bad as "Do I Make You Proud". Poor Blake wants to have fun on stage and is stuck with this crap song to sing. He's ok, nothing great. He probably fell asleep from singing that song.

Jordin sings the lame ballad. It's more her style. She needs to stay away from the low notes, they were stank at times, but when she diva'd out it was good. Well, she's the only one of the two who could make that a hit probably. She starts crying near the end and cracking her voice. I guess she already knows that she's the winner tomorrow.

Kinda makes the two hour finale tomorrow kinda boring when the winner is so clear, but I'll still hope the Blaker girls come through. But if that crap ballad is a sign of what they have in store for the winner, I think Blake would be lucky to come in second place!

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