Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Idol Finale - Results

It's the finals results announcing Jordin's expected win. This will be one uneventful winner announcement. But let's see what other crap they throw in the show.

Wait a minute. They got Jordin and Blake doing a duet where Blake sings the lyrics "She was just seventeen..." OK OK, we get it already. She's only 17!

Gwen Stefani makes an appearance to perform her new single.

Kelly's back. Yay! Singing her new single Never Again. She's a rockin diva! Still looking like she's been making too many calls to Dominos delivery!

Omigod! Does Sesame Street know Big Bird is on the loose in L.A.? Well, I don't think Ryan cared much for the women anyway, but after this attack, I think I'm sure now!

It's the Top 6 guys singing Smokey Robinson songs. And are joined by Smokey himself. Sing it boyz! CAKE reunion!!


Blake has a beatbox showdown with the original human beatbox, Doug E. Fresh. It's Funky Fresh!! Ryan says people complained that Blake didn't get a chance to beatbox on the final song last night, so they are having him now. Yeah, now let him, after the voting is all over. Crazy fools!

The Top 6 gals are up singing with Gladys Knight. MELINDA!! Look at Jordin above. She's looking at Gladys like she's thinking "BIOTCH, don't steal my spotlight!"

Tony Bennett shows up to sing, since he was sick and couldn't sing when he was a guest mentor. Sing it Tony!

Fatt Mann and Bush Baby return. Hide the children! I'll have nightmares now!

Bebe and Cece Winans performs with Melinda. She used to sing backing vocals for them. Work it Melinda. The REAL American Idol winner!

Carrie Underwood returns and once again has HOT Fiddle Boy with her!! She sings her version of I'll Stand By You.

The Crypt Keeper...I mean Clive Davis comes on and basically says that Taylor Hicks sucks but Chris Daughtry is GREAT! I'll buy that. He presents Carrie with a plaque celebrating 6 million album sales.

Oh dear, Sanjaya is performing with Aerosmith. He even found "Crying Girl" in the audience, who was conveniently sitting right in front of Big Bird. I hope Crying Girl doesn't have any snacks on her or she will be gobbled up by the end of the show. Nothing left but a pile of yellow feathers!

Green Day are performing. Cool! I love me some Green Day!


I think they found a way to make Jordin not look like a chunky girl. Have her perform with Reuben "where's the all-you-can-eat buffet" Studdard!

Bette Midler! Saucy! She looks good!

You notice how they didn't have the usual live feeds from the final two's hometowns? In fact they didn't mention the competition of them two the whole night. They knew there was no point. Ok, time to announce the winner. IT'S JORDIN! Wow! I can't believe it! This really caught me by surprise! What a cliffhanger ending!! Ok, sarcasm over. Congratulations Jordin. Now where's the news on Blake's album!

So You Think You Can Dance premieres tomorrow. WOOT! That just got me outta the funk I was in!

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