Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pretty In Pink...Isn't She?

I just purchased the new special edition DVD "Pretty In Pink: Everything's Duckie Edition". Ah, Pretty In Pink. One of my favorite movies of the 80's. I was obsessed with this movie when it came out. I even bought the book, which had an alternate ending, Andie gets the Duckman. Oh, but not the movie. Andie gets cutie Blaine played by Andrew McCarthy. Sigh...he was so dreamy back then. And yes, I even had a picture of him on my wall. I think it was this one below.


But, that brings me to this new special edition. It has some cool interviews and featurettes, but its big advertised selling point was the Bonus Original Ending. Cool, I've been waiting a long time to see that. So, what do I find? It's NOT ON THE DVD!. Instead, it has the cast talking about the alternate ending and a couple of stills. But no scene! RUDE! Those Paramount Home Video bitches need to be slapped! I guess I can get over it. I mean who'd believe that Andie would turn down the cute guy for geek Duckie anyway.

Now the other thing that always drove me crazy about this movie was that FUGLY prom dress Andie made. Oh gag! She walks into the prom and the audience was supposed to think that she made this beautiful and creative prom dress on her own. It looked like these dusty curtains my grandmother had at her house. Ick!

And my favorite character from the movie has to be Annie Potts' character Iona. Iona had more wigs than I did! And all the good lines. Favorite lines from the movie...

Iona, with an industrial stapler in her hand, trying to stop a young kid shoplifting
KID: "You missed my eye by an inch."
IONA: "Half an inch".

"Everytime you take a sh!%, you lose IQ points"

"Bondage has no place in my life. Since when? Since I spent the night tied up in the back seat of your car! ...It's Walter Mondale."

"I used to have a great butt. I DID! I loved my butt. I wish I had a photograph."

I know how you feel Iona. Ah the memories!


Reel Fanatic said...

I had forgotten all about Annie Potts in this one! .. you're right, she was friggin hilarious, and I've got this on call from Netflix and am looking forward to reliving it all again

Anonymous said...

I Liked Andie's Dress!!!! she is very creative for coming up with something to wear.unlike all those rich assholes at her School!!!!!! so to say her dress looks ungly is to say you totally hate the classics of the 80's! The 80's Rock!!! uncompared to the rap shit that people listen to today,older music sounds better and is more smarter than rap lyrics. snoop dogg and the other rappers of today don't compare to Heart, the Beastie Boys and Journey. but this is my Opion, and i bet there are some people who would agree with me. but just saying I Love the 80's!

ellie said...

one of my favorite movies.