Thursday, September 07, 2006

Celebrity Duets

Well, our favorite off key celebrities are back for another round of stank. And another night of trying to figure out what the hell Little Richard is saying.

First up was Hal Sparks wanting to know what love is with Wynonna. I lurve me some Wynonna and she sounded great! They must have had a brownie sundae dangling from a string just out of her reach keeping her focused. Hal did his usual starting off fine then going to hard rock hell. I agreed with David Foster that he should have built up to the loud part. Hal did his flirting routine with Wynonna. Hey, big girls need love too!

Next was Lea Thompson and Belinda Carlisle doing Belinda's sassy song Heaven is a Place on Earth. Belinda looked like she was ready for a PTA meeting, but sounded good! And Lea...oh got the dogs howling outside. And way out of tune! Ok a few points...Lea's skirt was non existant! Cover the cooch honey! Marie Osmond lied to her and used the too wrong line "You sang with the Go-Go's lead singer and had this house Go-Go'in girl. " Gag. Little Richard observantly said "It reminds me of Tina Turner up there. Tina's legs, not the voice." heh! Richad isn't as dumb as I thought.

And what's up with Lea's husband? Is he like 80 or something??

Next is Cheech Marin with Clint Black. Whateva. Make the troll go away! Not even worth a comment.

Now we got Alfonso Ribeiro with Jeffrey Osborne singing On The Wings of Love. Although, since bloated Alfonso was singing it, they should changed the name to "On the Wings of KFC." Alfie sounded pretty good I must say.

Carly Patterson sings I'm So Excited with with my girl Anita Pointer. You Go Anita! And just go...somewhere. I like the song enough to have actually overlooked Carly's singing. It wasn't as cringeworthy as usual. Little Richard said "The Pointer Sisters, they are really pointy. You pointed out. You made a point." EH?? I just don't know what he's saying.

Next, Jai Rodriguez and Brian McKnight sang Back at One. Jai did a good job as expected. They tried to throw in some story about him losing his voice. I guess they didn't wan't him to seem too obvious the front runner.

Xena time! Lucy Lawless and Kenny Loggins sings Whenever I Call You Friend. She wasn't as good as last week, but was still good.

Now let's take a tacky timeout to observe Little Richard's outfit. What the heck??

Looks like they're turning over the voting to the viewers and will be back tomorrow with a results show...and more singing. Oh dear. I'm not sure if I can take two nights a week of that. As Anita said "I'm So Excited!" so much.

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