Monday, September 11, 2006

Degrassi-filled Drama!

Season 6 of Degrassi: The Next Generation premieres on September 29th on The-N network. I can't wait! This kid-oriented show is just chock full of drama. If I went to this high school, I think I'd be relocating to avoid the drama! Let's take a look at the main characters and see what's going on with them.

Emma is the good girl who had a bad phase but got over it. Now she's dating cutie Peter, who her best friend Manny hates. Although Peter will have competition for Emma. More of that later. Emma got all bulemic because, ya know, 100 pounds is HEFTY! She replaced Manny with the toilet as her best friend. Sometimes you just feel the urge to purge, Okay?

Manny's the Ho' of the school. She wants to be an actress, but probably will end up looking for a pimp! In a moment of drunkedness Manny asks Peter to take a video of her topless and swinging those puppies. (That reminds me of an incident in my past, well, minus the swinging puppies..) Peter happily films it and proceeds to email the video to everyone at school. heh! Hence, the hatred Manny has for him. She's kind of dating Craig at the moment.

Cutie Peter likes Emma and likes taking creative videos! He had to date Emma on the sly for most of last season to keep Manny and her boobs from finding out. Manny finally found out, but the whole bulemia drama made her get over it. I'll have to remember to play the bulemia card too next time someone's mad at me!

Marco is the token gay character who just graduated and will be settling into dorm life. The end of last season had him dumping the geeky and shy newcomer and sort of making up with his ex, the hott Dylan. I heard a rumour that he may be having a health crisis soon which I SO hope is not the case. They need some new gay stereotypes already.

Jimmy is still dealing with being in a wheelchair after a drama-filled in-school gunshot injury he had a couple seasons ago. He's hopped around and dated various people, but he's supposed to have some relationship drama coming up in the new season.

Ellie used to date Marco (obviously, that didn't go far), then she dated Craig, then hinted at dating Jimmy. That bitch gets around. Who knows who she'll be dating next season.

Craig left town at the end of last season to concentrate on his singing career. He's sorta still dating Manny. He'll make some return appearances next season. Maybe someone will hide his medicine and he'll go all bipolar again. That would be fun!

School diva Paige is also off to college. She got that whole four episode long lesbian phase out of her. What's with women characters on TV having a lesbian phase then move on and it's never mentioned again. I'd like for them to try that with a male character. Experiment with another guy and then move on and forget about it. You never see that happen. I guess for a guy it means GAY, and for a girl it's just a fun experiment?? I dunno...

Spinner is continuing his thinner and cuter phase. Homeboy was huge a couple seasons ago. He's still dealing with his own dramas such as coping with causing his best friend to be shot, dating the uber-religious girl and having to just say no to sex, having bad choices in his friends, and coping with his bad acting skills. (Oops, how'd that last one get in there.) I think his relationship with religious Darcy is on the rocks. I read that she may be showing her naughty side next season. Well, always room for another ho' I suppose.

And HOT guy Sean makes a return this season looking to steal Emma away from Peter. Oh silly Sean. Leave Emma alone. Peter is in need of some new lovin. Let's develop that storyline!! Actually, Sean and Peter are going to have big time drama coming about from their feud.

And the rest...(sorry to steal from Gilligan's Island, but the rest of the cast bores me. ) I'll be looking forward to see what develops come September 29th.

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