Sunday, September 24, 2006

Amazing Race: Gotta Love Animals!

It's week 2 of Amazing Race. All the loonies are ready for another round of stupidity. This isn't the most organized play-by-play recap. Just my comments on these fools.

Tyler and James say they like they game because it's better than being on the streets and the gutters. Well, anything's better than that isn't it? I'd prefer to make a trip to McDonalds instead of being in the gutters, so that's not really saying much.

Sarah is still crying about her hydraulic leak. She says it's like riding around on a flat tire. Don't they have oil somewhere for her to refill? Maybe there's a Tin Man somewhere that can help. "Oil!"

Tom and Terry think the race so far is "Amaaaaaazing!" They SO get on my last gay nerve!

Hick David said his wife is the type who wouldn't even care if the President was in front of her. She'd still tell him "Your're wrong, get out of here!" Hmm. The hicks aren't as stupid as I thought!

Oh no! Tom and Terry are doing a cheer with the cheerleaders! Great, if anyone hands them pom poms I'm gonna lose it! Tyler says that ever since the third time he was in jail for drugs his life has been a dream ever since. Yeah Tyler, that's not a dream you're feeling, it's called heroin. Kimberly says to Rob "I love you're grinding". HEH! Now I believe that she was talking about his gear shifting skills, but knowing her, ya never know.

Either Tom or Terry (who knows? They're both equally annoying) tries to ask someone for directions by saying "Horse Horse" and act like he's riding a horse. Good grief, what a freak.

Druggies get a flat tire. Rob and Kimberly stops to give them their jack but Rob says he can't get it out. Lynn and Karlyn show up and say "Their tire's flat? Screw them!" Aren't they full of gooey love?

Time for playing with horses. Sarah is putting on her glamourous fake foot model of her leg accessories, complete with painted fake toenails. I hope she's wearing the same color on her other foot. I mean why should the horses have to put up with a fashion faux pas?

David and Mary get stuck in the mud and hick hilarity ensues. All the teams pass them basically laughing.

Kimberly gets on a horse and somehow gets tangled in a branch and falls down. Then Kandice falls off the horse but has her leg caught in the stirrup and gets drug around by the horse. Peter and Sarah's animal runs off twice and spills their barrells of water. Way to go animals in this episode! Show these fools who's boss!

The beauty queens are in first place after the animal fun. Seems like everyone is having car problems. Edwin and Godwin, Kellie and Jamie, and Lyn and Karlyn all can't start their cars. Kellie and Jamie get someone to start theirs while Lyn and Karlyn watch and are upset because theirs isn't working yet. Hey ladies, shall I paraphrase you from earlier..."Their car won't start? screw them!"

The final task is to shoot a flaming arrow into a round target on the ground. Now you would think that flaming arrows would be right up Tom and Terry's alley...

...but apparently not. Big surprise there.

Peter and Sarah end up winning this leg. HEH! Leg! Gotta give props to the toenail painted leg for pulling through!

Thanks to getting lost on the way to the last task, Kellie and Jamie are eliminated. Everyone do a cheer for them. On the bright side, maybe that means we won't have to see Tom and Terry doing a cheer again either.

I'm still pulling for my druggies and Duke and Lauren. That's one fire arrow wielding lesbian!

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