Thursday, September 14, 2006

Celebrity Duets...Just Say No To Crack!

Is it Celebrity Duets time again? I'm still recovering from Cheech's last craptastic performance.

First up is Lucy Lawless with Dionne Warwick. Dionne looked ca-razy! Lucy was dull, and I think a wild tiger got a hold of her dress and left it in shreds, maybe Tony the Tiger. It's G-r-r-reat, NOT! Try Boring! Little Richard said "You're in the Kool Aid girl, but you got no flavor." Who knows what that means, but sounds fair enough.

Ugh! How many times to I have to see that Tampax Pearl commerical. Oh look, John Walsh from America's Most Wanted is in the audience. Isn't that ironic that he's watching America's Most Tonedeaf.

Ok, Alfonso Ribeiro is up next crying about his throat hurting. (sigh..) He's got Deniece Williams as a partner. You go Niecy! Deniece sounds good and so does Alfonso. Let's Hear It For The Boy! heh! Marie Osmond doesn't like Alfie's moves. Little Richard says "My big toe just shot up again." (??) David Foster tells him not to whine about being sick. Yeah, thank you old creepy man! I couldn't have said it better.

Carly Patterson is up singing with cutie Jesse McCartney. Looks like Fox is trying to up the teen audience. Carly almost knocked over Jesse with her boobs. Those are some swingin' weapons! Carly sucked as usual, both her singing and her aqua disaster outfit! Jesse look CUTE as usual. Little Richard said "You got your horse, I hope you got your buggy." Sheesh, I really need a Richard-to-English dictionary. I don't know WHAT he's saying! David Foster calls Marie the "Bitch from Hell"! HEE!

Hal Sparks comes on stage to sing with Dennis DeYoung. I thought he was afraid of performing these days? Dennis still sounds great! Although you could tell Hal was just dying to break out into Mr. Roboto. Hal did a great job I thought. Little Richard said "I hope you feel what you're using." Me thinks Richard is using, if ya know what I mean.

Cheech is next. Oh dear. He's singing with Aaron Neville. Cheech actually started out ok. Oh, but the suck found its way quick enough. Bad bad bad! Little Richard said "I know I know, ain't no sunshine, you gotta go!" HEH! You go Little Richard!

Jai Rodriguez is up performing with Taylor Dayne. Cool! They both sounded great! Taylor was boob-a-licious! Little Richard said "You picked it out, you pulled it out and pulled it in. He got it got it got it." The judges didn't like him. I think the judges are trying to make him not seem the runaway favorite that he is.

Well...I'd say Carly is leaving tomorrow night. I would love to see Cheech leave, but he has a way of surviving. Kinda like roaches. Mama get Real Kill! Spray that sucka down!

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Todd said...

Hey goto and click on the heroes show then check out the TRAILER - the middle of the trailer it show the same trailer that is posted on your website however the scene with Claires Dad and Issac, EDEN is not standing in the background and the scene just before that one...???????