Sunday, September 17, 2006


Just finished watching a DVD I got in the mail the other day. It's Hellbent. A horror movie from the creator of Halloween and A Nightmare On Elm Street. The difference in this one is that the main characters are all gay. The story is a group of gay friends are going to a halloween party and is stalked by a crazy killer. The group run into him in the "cruisy area" of the woods and egg him on then run off. The killer then follows them to the party and goes after them one by one. The killer is a muscular guy wearing a devil's mask. The "gay" aspect of this film is played down and it concentrates on being your usual horror movie where the characters just happen to be gay.

The main character is Eddie, played by Dylan Fergus. He used to be a cop but lost one of his eyes in an accident. Has a glass eye now and got sent to a desk job. His perception is off due to the one eye thing so he can't aim a gun well. Which I knew right off would come into play in the end of the movie somehow.

This is Jake, played by Bryan Kirkwood. He's the love interest of Eddie.

This is Chaz, played by Andrew Levitas. He's the pan-sexual friend of Dylan. I remember him as the cutie from Psycho Beach Party.

And this is Tobey, played by Matt Phillips. He spends the whole show in full drag. He makes an UGLY woman, but he's a cutie out of the drag.

And finally, this is Joey, played by Hank Harris. I remember him as Emory Dick from the TV show Popular.

The movie was pretty good. Your standard horror fare with a bit of a glamourous tinge to it. If you like horror movies, you'll probably like this one. And I'll probably be expecting a sequel to this. I mean what kind of horror movie would it be if there weren't sequels?

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