Thursday, June 28, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Week 3 Results

Week 3 results show of So You Think You Can Dance. We'll see if Jessi makes a return from her illness. The show opens up with a tribal group dance. My stupid cable screwed up until after the dance so I couldn't do a video.

Couples are told once again if they are safe. First couple in the bottom three is Lauren and Neil. BOO!! But at least Kameron is safe! And did you notice how Lacey was totally in denial that she might be in the bottom 3? I think her butt needs to be in the bottom just to humble her. Oh wait, but that means Kameron would be too. Hmm. Maybe not then...

Second couple in the bottom three are Jesus and Sara. I can agree with that I suppose. Hmm. Why am I getting the feeling Cedric and Shauna won't be in the bottom 3 since it seems obvious that they are the third couple. We'll see.

Jessi made a recovery and was allowed to do her dance with Pasha. And it was great! Made a much better couple than him and Bette Midler. Heh! Video is below.

Last couple in the bottom three are Anya and Danny. I KNEW IT! Well, the Crypt Keeper won't let them go.

Solo time. First up is Lauren. And she's dancing to Popozao by Kevin Federline. What?? She oughta have her butt booted for that!

Next is Neil. Poor Neil. Hope he makes it through, but Danny and Jesus are a tough group to try to top.

Now we got Sara's solo.

Next up is Jesus.

Up now is Jessi.

We got Danny next.

Finally, it's Anya.

The girl going home was Jessi. That's too bad. She was really improving every week. And she was a sobbing mess.

And the guy going home is Jesus. Whoa, that was close! I hate to see Jesus go, but the judges had no other choice. Stupid Cedric!

All my faves are still in, but barely for some. We'll see how it goes next time. Looks like there's no show next week. BOO! I gotta go 2 weeks??! Ugh!

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