Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Week 4

It's Week 4 of the So You Think You Can Dance Finals! We had to go two long weeks since the last show. Don't do this to me again Fox! Last show, Jessi and Jesus were given the boot. Let's see if Cedric will finally go this week!

First up is Lacey and Kameron doing the Hustle. Kameron needs to hustle over to my place! It was a lot of fun. Great job! Judges love Lacey and give Kameron some backhanded compliments. Bitches! Video is below.

Next is Cedric and Shauna doing the Mambo. Ok, now all I can notice is how short Cedric's pants are. Could they not find any pants his size?? I didn't care for it. It still looked like Cedric was doing a Michael Jackson imitation. Shauna was good though. Judges loved both of them. Whatever. Video is below.

Next is Anya and Danny. We learn that Danny spends more on sunglasses then on food. Ok, thanks for that info. ?? They are dancing Contemporary. They did a great job. Fabulous! This is Danny's style and he shined. Judges started up again about how he is too arrogant. Below is the video.

Now we got Pasha and Sara. And Pasha is a computer geek. Who knew? They are doing West Coast Swing, choreographed by Benji! You can tell Benji did the routine. Pasha was doing carbon copy Benji moves. And they were amazing!! Video is below.

Benji reacts to the praise he gets for his choreography.

Next is Sabra and Dominic doing Hip Hop. Both did a nice job. Cedric tried to be all sexy! Judges loved it. Mary gave a silent scream. Video is below.

Up now is Hok and Jaimie doing the Waltz. They were very elegant. I really liked that! Judges weren't as thrilled with it. Mary thought Hok could have done a lot better. Video is below.

Last to dance is Neil and Lauren. Neil loves making Wookie noises. During sex? They are dancing Jazz and it was just awesome! Best of the night. Neil had some crazy hair! Why don't they just let Wade choreograph all the dances! Video is below.

Tomorrow are the results. My favorite performances were Pasha & Sara and Neil & Lauren. My least favorite was Cedric and Shauna. Let's see if Cedric evades elimination again.

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