Thursday, July 19, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Results - Week 5

Week 5 results show of So You Think You Can Dance. Let's see if Neil survives tonight. Opening dance routine is a boogie-woogie bit of wackiness. Video is below.

Couples are told once again if they are safe. First couple in the bottom three is Anya and Danny. The were the best dancers last night but I guess Danny still isn't drawing the votes. But Mary will see that he is safe this week.

Second couple in the bottom three are Hok and Jaimie. That was pretty much expected. I think Jaimie will be ok, not sure about Hok. Nigel gives a shout out to Jaimie's dance teacher, Denise Wall, who is Travis and Danny's mother. The whole family's there. Next week, I'm expecting to meet Scruffy Wall, the family dog. Who, of course will be the first dog to do a pirouette.

Last couple in the bottom three is Lauren and Neil. Lauren is needing to go, but not Neil.

Solo time. First up is Anya. She really needs to get some new moves. Her solos are always the same.

Next is Danny. He seemed a bit off tonight on his solo.

Now we got Jaimie's solo. Nice job!

Next up is Hok.

Lauren is dancing next.

Last to dance is Neil.

The girl going home was Anya. And standing there, she looked like a "before" picture from a makeover show. Two words Anya...Cover...Girl! But seriously, I thought she was great all season. I thought Lauren should have gone before her.

The guy to go is Hok. Guess there will be no hummingbird routine on the tour. We'll miss you Hok!

But cutie Neil is safe! WOOT! And there's your Top 10. The same Top 10 I'll be seeing when they tour! Can't wait!!


Beckylooo said...

Hey, first off thanks a million for being so great about uploading video every week. Proved invaluable for my blog, sorry I haven't wandered over here sooner. I have no idea how complicated an endeavor it is but would you consider putting up Jason Samuels Smith's tap piece from tonite's show? Thanks again...

Anonymous said...

I also want to thank you for posting these, I work when the show is on, and miss half of it.

Patrick said...

Thanks for the videos man, but seriously. You thought Anya's solo looked the same as the other ones? Try Neil's looked the same, he's not creative in his solos at all and he's never had one amazing preformance.