Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Week 5

It's Week 5 of the So You Think You Can Dance Finals! Cedric and Shauna got their butts booted last week. Let's see how they do this week.

First up is Dominic and Sabra doing the Jive. It was a fun performance. It was pretty good. Mary thought they made mistakes but did good. Nigel loved it. Video is below.

Next is Hok and Jaimie doing Broadway. Jaimie's voice is really annoying! But her dancing was great! Hok did ok. Judges did not like Hok at all, but loved Jaimie. Oops. Bottom 3! Video is below.

Next is Pasha and Sara dancing Jazz. They get their Jazz hands ready! Pasha was great! He really does great on all dance styles. Let's hope he can escape the bottom 3! Judges really liked it. Mary thought they might still be in the bottom tomorrow. Below is the video.

Now we got Neil and Lauren doing Contemporary. It was some weird choreography but they were good. Not sure if Mia showcased their talents well enough. Judges liked it though. Video is below.

We have up next Danny and Anya dancing the Foxtrot. Danny did a great job, better than Anya. But then Anya was nursing a foot injury. Video is below.

Last to dance is Kameron and Lacey doing Hip Hop. We learn that Lacey has a smelly weave and Kameron is a stinky sweaty ho! Match made in heaven? They were ok. Not overly thrilled with the choreography. Judges didn't like it. Video is below.

Tomorrow are the results. My favorite performances were Danny & Anya and Pasha & Sara My least favorite was Hok and Jaimie. I think Lacey and Kameron will be safe because of their performances in the past. We'll see tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

You're great for posting these videos!

Patrick said...

I'm sorry what? Anya didn't do as good as Danny? Seriously you must hate Anya. She was gorgeous in that foxtrot, Danny was great as well.