Thursday, June 14, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Week 1 Results

It's the first results show of So You Think You Can Dance Season 3. Let's see if Ricky survived the judges! The show opened up with a dance number to a Busta Rhymes song. Video is below.

Couples are told one by one if they are safe. First couple, Jaimie and Hok are safe! Yay!

Next is Anya and Danny. And of course they are safe and will move on to next week. Good call!

Then we got Dominic and Sabra. Oops, they're in the bottom three. Hmm. I didn't expect that!

Now it's Lacey and Kameron. Aww, now you knew they would be safe, and they are. They were great, I knew it!

Now we got Ashlee and Ricky. Yeah, I knew that they would be in the bottom three and they were. Poor Ricky.

Next is Sara and Jesus. They are safe! I agree with that.

Now we got Jessi and Pasha. Was their Smooth Waltz good enough? Of course! Way to go PASHA!

Next is Neil and Lauren. They showed video of judges telling Neil he wasn't good enough. But that didn't matter. They are safe.

Shauna and Jimmy are also safe!

That means Cedric and Faina are the last group in the bottom three. Mary is all upset about it.

Next up is Benji returning to tell about what he's been up to since winning last season. He then does a solo that ends with him dropping his pants. Saucy Benji! The Mormons will be mad! Video below.

Time for solo dances. And here they are...







Judges decide who are going home. Of the girls, it'll be Ashlee leaving. I pretty much agree with that.

For the guys, it's Ricky going home. We all saw that coming. Sorry Ricky. Don't worry, I still got you on my MySpace Top 24 friends!

Since both who went home were in the same pairing, the couples will stay the same next week. We'll see them then!

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