Wednesday, June 06, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Vegas Round

So You Think You Can Dance heads is to the Vegas semi-finals. All the freaks are gone (well, most of them). Let's see who makes the cut.

All contestants take on a hip hop number by Shane Sparks to decide it they are going on. Several are sent home.

Next they all attempt a Samba trained by Mary Murphy. PASHA moves on to the next round. Yay!

One armed Janet also made it through.

Yesenia doesn't make it any further and gets the boot.

Rickey wows the judges. He hasn't been shown yet on the show until now. He seems like a judges favorite. He moves on to the next round.

All the remaining contestants are divided into groups of 5 and are given a song to choreograph as a group. First group is one with Jaimie Goodwin. Woot! Jaimie is a good friend of Travis and co. Some of them were a bit uneven, but Jaimie was great of course. All girls made it through. Video of their performance is below.

The second group did a better group dance. All but Hana Lee make it through. Below is their video.

The remaining contestants must all do solo dances tomorrow night. Judges will then pick the 20 to move on to the finals. We'll find out tomorrow!

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