Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Week 2

It's Week 2 of the So You Think You Can Dance Finals! Last week Ricky and Ashlee got the boot. Let's see who sucks this week!

First up is Lauren and Neil. They're doing Hip Hop. They were crazy and funky! I liked it a lot! Judges loved them, especially Neil. Way to go cutie! Video below.

Next is Jessi and Pasha doing Jazz. It was different and fun. I thought Pasha was great for being a ballroom dancer. Judges loved them, especially Pasha. Now that's what I'm talking about! Go Pasha! Video is below.

Next is Hok and Jaimie doing the Samba. Wow! Hok was workin' it! Amazing for a hip hop dancer. These guys tonight are crazy good! Judges were mixed on their performance. I think it was good considering they weren't at all familiar with the dance style. Video is below.

Next is Dominic and Sabra doing Contemporary. It was pretty good. Dominic was a real surprise. The guys are shining tonight. Judges loved them. Video is below.

Next is Faina and Cedric. Fiana annoys me. They're dancing the Fox Trot. It was kinda boring. Cedric didn't seem too comfortable. Judges weren't too pleased. Oops. Sorry stank Fiana. Video is below.

Next is Lacey and Kameron. They are dancing Broadway. They were real good and make a great couple couple. Judges liked it.

Now we got Anya and Danny doing the Viennese Waltz. It was very elegant and well done. Great job by both. Judges really loved them. They even got a Mary scream. Video is below.

Next is Shauna and Jimmy doing Hip Hop. There was all kinds of slapping and stomping going on! Jimmy is full of energy. Judges liked it. Video is below.

Last up is Sara and Jesus doing the Paso. That music was big-time distracting, but the dancing was awesome, especially Jesus! Judges overall liked them a lot. Well, other than the music. Video below.

Tomorrow are the results. My favorite performances were Jaimie & Hok and Lacey and Kameron. But Danny & Anya, plus Jesus were also great. I think Fiana and Cedric better get nervous!

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Anonymous said...

i love neil. sabra is amazing. dominic is hot. end of story !