Thursday, June 21, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Week 2 Results

Week 2 results show of So You Think You Can Dance. Let's see if Fiana and Cedric get the axe! The finalists start the show with a routine choreographed by Shane Sparks. Video is below.

Couples are told once again if they are safe. First couple in the bottom three is Pasha and Jessi. BOO!!

Second couple in the bottom three are Jimmy and Shauna.

Last couple in the bottom three are Cedric and Fiana. Come on Fiana, get that axe already!

Solo time. First up is Jessi, wearing some tablecloth.

Next is Pasha looking HOTT!!

Then we got Shauna.

Shauna Solo Week 2

Now it's Jimmy.

Fiana dances next.

Last to dance is Cedric.

The girl going home was FIANA!! WOO HOO! Sorry girl, now git off the stage!

And the guy going home is Jimmy. Poor Jimmy. He'll be missed.

My faves are safe and PASHA had a close call. Stupid voters! Next week, Cedric and Shauna are now a couple since their parters are gone. We'll see how they do next week!

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