Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Week 3

It's Week 3 of the So You Think You Can Dance Finals! Last week Jimmy and stank Fiana were given the boot. Let's see if Cedric comes back from the bottom this week.

First up is Sara and Jesus doing some krumping. This is more like both of their styles so they seemed real comfortable and did a good job. Video is below.

Next is Cedric and Shauna doing Contemporary. Cedric is bad, bad, bad! His contemporary moves looked more like breaking to me. Shauna was pretty good though. Judges pretty much were kicking him out the door already. Guest judge Debbie Allen offered him to join her dance program free. Video is below.

Next is Lacey and Kameron doing the Quickstep. Oh no. Contestants never do this dance well. Oh and Kameron is CUTE! And they broke the Quickstep curse. They were great! Both of them really were impressive! Video is below.

Next is Danny and Anya doing hip hop. It was pretty good. I don't think either of them were too comfortable doing it. They were a bit too elegant for the dance style. But they were good enough to stay. Video is below.

Next is Sabra and Dominic. He wants to do head spins naked. Ok, that'll do. But alas, not tonight. They dance the Rumba tonight. They did a great job. Very professional looking. Really great! And according to judge Mary, they've got two tickets on the hot tamale train. That's one messed up train! Video is below.

Next is Neil and Lauren dancing the Tango. They have real good chemistry. It was pretty hot! I loved it! Judges weren't as impressed. Well, I liked it. Video is below.

Now we got Hok and Jaimie doing Jazz. Jaimie has some crazy hairdo! And wow, what a routine! That was creative and amazing! I just love all of Wade Robson's routines! I think this is going to be my favorite tonight! Video is below.

Next is Pasha...and well...Pasha. Seems Jessi was diagnosed with a heart condition and can't dance, so Pasha is dancing with one of the dance instructors. He's doing the Cha Cha. Ok, well first, Pasha was GREAT! But it was pretty comical watching him try to be sexy with that frumpy instructor. HEH! Debbie Allen says it was like he was dancing with Bette Midler. Love it! Video is below.

Tomorrow are the results. My favorite performances were Jaimie & Hok and Lacey and Kameron. I think Cedric will be sweating tonight! If Jessi isn't able to dance tomorrow, she will be cut. I wish her the best in her quick recovery!

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