Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dancing With The Stars Week 1 - Results

It's results night for Week 1. Who will go, Josie or Wayne? Or perhaps Mark Cuban if we're lucky.

Judges pick who their favorite dance couple of the week is to do a repeat performance. They pick Sabrina and partner Mark. Work it Cheetah Girl!

Musical guest time and performing tonight it's none other than Dolly Parton's breasts! And there was also a little room on the screen for the rest of her body too.

The filler continues with a performance by tap dancer Savion Glover and his glowing green shoes! And what's with the busted female dancers in the back?? Looked like they were ready to fall on their ass!

Then they had some lame segment with former annoying contestant Kenny Mayne looking for the origins of dancing. Time for a snack break. It's bad when the most entertaining part of it was when that lame TV Caveman made an appearance. Ugh.

The first couple in the bottom two are Josie and Alec. Expected.

The second couple in the bottom two is Mark and Kim. Yeah! I sure want him outta there, but I doubt he'll go.

And the couple going home is Josie and Alec. Well, I figured. She sure was stank. Watch out Mark Cuban, you will be close behind her! Till next week!

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