Monday, September 24, 2007

Heroes Season 2 Baby! Here we go!

Heroes is back! Oh yeah! Time to meet all the new freaks (heroes, whatever). And we get to find out what happened 4 months after the finale. And I am still cranky that all we got was that lame Syler/Peter wimpfest finale. I was expecting the battle royale! Oh well, maybe this season.

Everyone thinks Mohinder is nuts except ugly creepy guy who wants to give him a job.

Maya and Alejandro are siblings in Honduras wanted by the police and trying to get to America. What are their powers? Making people's mascara run? Damn you Maya, you cosmetics hater! Oh wait, looks like she kills people leaving them with black goo in their eye. Hmm.

Hiro is in 17th century Japan. He thinks he found his hero Takezo Kensei. They both are getting ready to be speared by arrows. He teleports them both to safety. He turns out not to be Kinsei, and is actually some white guy from England who is a drunk. Looks like Hiro has to turn him from a drunk Brit to a Japanese hero. Better call the Queer Eye guys. They got nothing else to do these days!

Claire is back at a school and meets cute West. West? What kinda name is that? She tries to blend in with the rest of the students and not stand out.

Nathan went all Grizzly Adams with a crazy beard. Peter's disappearance hit him hard. It seems that his mother and Hiro's father are to die in 24 hours.

Cute West can fly! And is hovering at Claire's window, watching her. Way to use your powers for good perv!

Cutie in a box! Peter is chained up in some big shipping crate in Ireland. He doesn't remember what his name is. Wonder who put him there?! And where's that crate. Hmm...Tied up shirtless Peter Petrelli. Party time!

Wow, so many questions. Who killed Hiro's dad? Who put Peter in the crate? (me!) What is Mohinder and Bennet up to? Who is Molly seeing in her dreams? We'll see if any are answered next week...

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