Thursday, August 02, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Week 7 Results

Week 7 results show of So You Think You Can Dance. Will Dominic and Lauren survive elimination? We'll see. Opening dance is a strange one choreographed by Shane Sparks. Video is below.

Solo time. First up is Sara.

Next is Lacey.

Now it's Sabra.

Final gal solo is Lauren.

Time for the guys. First solo is Neil.

Next is Danny.

Now it's Dominic and his chair.

Final solo is shirtless Pasha. WHOA!

The first girl in the bottom was Sara. Surprising!

Second girl in the bottom is Lauren. Yeah, I was expecting that.

First guy in the bottom is Neil. Eep!

Second guy in the bottom is Dominic. Well, I certainly hope so!

Girl going home tonight is Sara. That is just wrong! What is America thinking!

Guy heading home tonight is Dominic. WOOT! Bout time! And the female contestants breathe a sign of relief!

Down to the Top 6 already! It's so hard to pick a front-runner this year. I want them all to win! Well, Lauren girl, not you. You need to go.

1 comment:

hot4dance said...

Sara let down her partner in the hip-hop which was supposed to be 'her thing'. She did very well for the whole competition considering. Now- if Lacey would only get in the bottom 2 girls!

I'm glad they are keeping it where they lose 1 boy and 1 girl..else it may be a bit unbalanced (more gals than guys!)