Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Week 7

It's Week 7 of the So You Think You Can Dance Finals! I'm still cranky that Kameron and Jaimie are gone. Let's see how they do this week. Each group are doing two dances tonight.

First up is Danny and Sara doing the Argentine Tango. They were pretty good. Judges really liked it. Video is below.

Next up is Dominic and Lauren doing some Krumping. As usual, Dominic is drooling over his partner. It was ok. Not a big Krumping fan. Judges weren't overly thrilled with it either. Video is below.

Next is Lacey and Neil dancing Latin Jazz. Shirtless Neil! Oh My! Oh, and I think Lacey was out there too. I didn't really notice. But they were both great and HOT! Judges had a mixed reaction to them. Mary didn't think they are paying attention to each other. They didn't believe they were acting passionate to each other. Hmm. Ya don't say? Video is below.

Now we got Pasha and Sabra doing Sabra doing Broadway. I thought it was great! Pasha just keeps suprising me! Sabra was great too! Judges loved it. It got a Mary scream. Video is below.

Danny and Sara are back to do Hip Hop. They did pretty good. Nothing that dazzled me though. Mary and Nigel weren't impressed. Video is below.

Returning now is Dominic and Lauren dancing the Rumba. I think Dominic tried to get some tongue during that dance. I agree with guest judge Adam that there wasn't a whole lot of Rumba in there. Mary and Nigel also weren't thrilled. Video is below.

Now it's Lacey and Neil's second dance, a Contemporary dance. It was very touching and enjoyable. Of course the judges loved it. You know they'll be doing this one on the tour. Video is below.

Last up is the second dance of Pasha and Sabra doing the Quickstep. Also good. Nice job from both. Video is below.

My favorites were Lacey and Neil's Contemporary and Pasha and Sabra's Broadway. I think Dominic and Lauren will need to watch out tomorrow night! See you then!

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Olesya said...

Thank you SO SO SO SO SO much for uploading the dances/solos/etc!! I've been away from home for a few weeks and so happy that I don't miss SYTYCD as I can watch your uploads! Especially since you upload them so quick!! Keep it up!!

PS: If you could, would you please include the judges commentary too in the videos? I'd love to know what they say about the dances...