Thursday, August 16, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Final Results!

Season 3 Finals results tonight. Who will be America's favorite dancer? Let's find out. Lots of dances tonight. I'll be getting a workout on these video uploads! But it's the finals, so it's worth it! What the heck is Cat wearing? She looks like a porcupine on crack! Looks like they'll be repeating favorite dances from the season. First up is the Lion King group dance with the whole top 20. Yay! Kameron and Ricky are back! It's below.

Next returning dance is Pasha and Lauren's hip hop.

Clogger boy Brandon is back! Hey! After doing a disappearing act during the Vegas round. It's below.

Nigel wants to see the Hok and Jaimie hummingbird dance. And here it is.

Next dance to repeat is Dominic and Sabra's hip hop.

Now it's Sara and Neil's disco.

And next they brought back Brian from the auditions to do his you call that dance style. It is below.

Now the Top 8 do a Shane Sparks dance. It is below.

Wade Robson wants Lacey and Danny's Samba. And here it is.

Time to eliminate one of the finalists. And it's Lacey. I liked Lacey, but she really wasn't the best. So I'm ok with that.

Shane wants to see West Coast Swing by Sara and Pasha. Here it is.

Tyce wants to see Danny and Anya's Foxtrot. It is below.

Now it's Wade Robson's dance with Sara and Jesus. Here it is.

Mia wants to see Sabra and Neil's table dance. It is below.

Next the Top 8 do the opening routine again to the Imogene Heap song.

Time for another elimination. It is Neil. Aww. Well, I kinda was expecting that unfortunately. We'll miss you Neil. Until I see you on tour!

Well, the Cat and Nigel dance turned out to not be an actual dance, and I'm glad. I would have had nightmares it they had.

Dan wants to see the Mia Michaels dance with Neil and Lacey. It is below.

Time for the results. The winner of Season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance is...Sabra! Way to go Sabra! They got their girl winner that they wanted and Sabra deserved it. Danny's pretty well established in the dance community, so this will be a great opportunity for Sabra! Good job all Top 20 for another great season!


robbie said...

Mickey M, thanks so much for providing us with these awesome video clips all season. i always knew where to go if i missed a routine or a whole show. thanks again. seeya next summer, if not sooner.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks so much! Your site is so much better than the Fox SYTYCD site! Nice colors, minimal but pertinent commentary, and great clips available so quickly. You seemed to capture the feel of each episode. Bravo!

lulu said...

I agree, both Danny and Sabra deserved to win but Danny doesn't need this and Sabra will really benefit. It was fun to see Brian Gaynor and Ricky again. I've enjoyed your blog and especially all the video clips--thanks!