Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Daytime Drama Indeed!

I try to stay away from daytime soaps because their plotlines are so predictable and frustrating that everytime I start to watch one, I get fed up with it fast. Why do they always make you think one thing is going to happen as it goes to commercial, then when it comes back the complete opposite happens. But I made a couple exceptions lately due to some interesting plots. The gay coming out storylines are running currently on As The World Turns here in the US, and for a bit longer on Hollyoaks in the UK. Below are clips from each show. Craig and Luke are dreamy! The guy playing John Paul is a pretty good actor, and Noah...well, he's got a nice body I suppose, but the guy won't be winning no acting award anytime soon.

Luke and Noah on As The World Turns

John Paul and Craig on Hollyoaks

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