Wednesday, August 15, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Finals

It's the performance finals and the Top 4 are all doing one dance with each of the other finalists. First up is a group Broadway number. It's a real fun routine. Judges loved all of them. Video is below.

Next is Lacey's solo. Um, aren't you supposed to wear your bra UNDER your dress??

Sabra and Neil are next with Hip Hop. I thought it was good, but the judged disagreed. They weren't too thrilled. Video is below.

Next up are Lacey and Danny doing the Viennese Waltz. It was very graceful and I loved it. Judges also loved it. Video is below.

Next is a solo by Neil.

Sabra and Lacey are next doing a Wade Robson routine. They were a couple of foxes. Foxes on crack! But it was cute. Judges were a bit baffled and not impressed. Nigel could only think to say that Sabra nuzzled very well. heh. Video is below.

Next solo is Danny.

Next up is Neil and Danny doing Contemporary. It was the battle of the kings and it was pretty hot! Video is below.

Sabra's solo is up next.

Now Lacey and Neil do the Lindy Hop.

Last pairing is Sabra and Danny doing the Cha Cha. That was pretty great! Especially Sabra! Loved it!

And speaking of that last dance, I'd say that my two favorites to win are Sabra and Danny. Although I have a feeling it will be down to Sabra and Lacey. We'll see tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I thought it took some "goodies" (as Lacey called them) for Danny to choose "We Are the Champions" as his final solo song. But hopefully it's prophetic because he deserves it. Wow.

Caroline said...

I tried calling in for Danny and Sabra, but after an hour and a half I still couldn't get through. I hope one of them wins.

Thanks for this site--I missed some weeks and was able to catch up thanks to you!

Anonymous said...

I totally appreciate the time and effort you put into this. YOU ROCK BIG TIME!!!!! Can't say thank you enough