Monday, July 18, 2005

Seven Days and Seven Nights of Eating...

Ex-American Idol contestant Kimberly Locke is now the spokesperson for plus size store Lane Bryant. I bought her CD when it came out. It was a pretty good CD, and I loved her song 8th World Wonder. Girlfriend was always ample but I didn't expect her to be hawking Lane Bryant already. Guess that second album is not forthcoming afterall. A girl's gotta get paid somehow.

Here's a quote from her about one of Lane Bryant's blouses. "It's sassy, it's cute and it's classy." Oh K-Lo, I think you are describing me instead. And if not, I still love ya. Even if you start sporting that bad frizzy do' again.

Ok, I take that back. The frizz needs to stay lost...kinda like you on American Idol. Hmm. I think I know what look she was going for...

Now that's HOT!

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