Saturday, July 23, 2005

Get Your Geek On!

Today, me and Todd went to the Space: 1999 convention here in Tampa. Space what? some may ask. For those who don't know, it's a 70's sci-fi TV show starring Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. Yeah, it was cheesy 70's sci-fi, but brought me fond memories of my youth, watching it every Saturday night. The two main stars weren't in attendance, but other cast members were.

There's Professor Bergman. Here he is from the show.

And here he is after he turned into Santa Claus. Todd tried to resist the urge to sit on his lap.

We met Kathryn Leigh Scott. She played the role of Yesta. She also was in an episode of Star Trek: Next Generation.

And here she is now trying to look more glamourous than Todd.

Here's a picture of me with Shane Rimmer. He made an appearance on one episode. He's been in a bunch of movies including the recent Batman Begins.

Speaking of a rimmer, there sure were a lot of gay men at the convention. Didn't know Space: 1999 had such a large gay following. Maybe it was because of that one episode where the whole moonbase was engulfed in soap suds, well, I guess they were alien suds, but it looked like one big foam party. I was expecting to see them all throw off their shirts and start dancing. Shane, above, was in that episode in fact. Fortunately, he didn't take off his shirt! We were invited to go to a midnight showing of some old movie they were screening, which of course means ORGY, but we passed. Now it's got me wanting to go to a Battlestar Galactica convention!

Maybe I can meet Jamie Bamber. Yummm!


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