Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Land Ho! It's BB6

Ok, I've been watching the new season of Big Brother for the past week (I even got the live feeds), and I can sum it up so far by...zzzzzzzzzzz....sorry, fell asleep. This show has some boring ass houseguests. Maybe they'll start sleeping around or something to liven things up. Where's the resident bitch. And is the best stab at humor going to be Howie dressing up in drag? And looking fugly! Hmm. Let me look at these hags one at a time...

There's Beau. Ya know they gotta get the token flaming fag in there. Are they trying to get another Marcellas? He's a personal shopper and apparently educates the houseguests on how to dress since, ya know, straight people can't do that on their own. Hmm. There's a gay stereotype I haven't seen before.....yawn.

Next, there's Eric. A firefighter. Uh, hello. Didn't they already do the manly firefighter last season or the one before? Must be some patriotic thing I guess. He's bossy, boring...oh, and shiny.

Next, unfortunately, is Howie, a meteorology student. Instead, of meteorology, he needs to be studying plastic surgery. The boy is FUGLY! I guess he's supposed to be the "funny" one. Funny looking is more like it. And if you don't agree....wait for it...

Ok, you can't say I didn't warn ya! NEXT!

Next up is James, the Loss Prevention Manager. The loss what?? What, does he help you find your keys when they get lost?? He seems cute and all, but it's all done with mirrors. He's boring too.

Next up is Kaysar, the Iraqi. He's kinda dreamy and of course, plenty dull. He's a graphic designer. Dull... At least he's eye candy. Which means he'll be one of the first voted out.

Then there's Michael, an artist. He's the horny one. He's on the prowl. Probably the first one to hook up. Once again...boring. But he likes to cop a feel when he can, so I guess that's a plus...

Oh, and there's some girls on the show too, but I really didn't notice. Umm. I think some are blond, some aren't. All have huge boobs. That about covers them. I'll give the show another week or so and see if things pick up. Where's the catfights? I want hair pullin!! I want more body glitter and tacky outfits on Julie Chen! By the way, Julie must be on medication or something, she makes more line flubs during the live show this year than I've ever seen. Guess you marry the boss of CBS you can get sloppy and you're in that job for life. Who's gonna fire the wife?

Just PLEASE, keep the body glitter away from Howie. He reached his FUG quota during the first episode!


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