Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Saturday Mornings...

Well, I was over at my best friend Todd's house tonight watching some DVD's he got off of eBay of old Saturday morning cartoons. Really brought me back to my youth. Here's some of my favorites back when I was a kid.

I loved this show! Scatman Crothers' voice and the way the cat always saved his butt each episode. Made me wish I could pull out my own Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu to solve problems.

Gotta love the Laff-A-Lympics. It had all the Hanna Barbera cartoon characters competing in Olympic-ish events. They were divided into three teams, Really Rottens, Scooby Doobys, and Yogi Yahooeys. Of course the Really Rottens always lost. But it was hosted by the gayest cartoon character around, Snagglepuss, even!

Ok, the Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan was politically incorrect, but they had the coolest car that could change shapes and what's with the big clan he had? That Amazing Chan must have been having some amazing sex to have all those kids. Ugh. Only I would think about a cartoon character having sex...

Good ol' Bugs Bunny - Road Runner Show. An all time classic! Back when they showed the Road Runner cartoons, before the whole politically correct times changed it to Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show. Road Runner was a bit violent, but that's what made it so good. Nothing says lovin like a 500 pound ACME anvil falling on your head.

Don't know how many would remember this one, but in the very early 80's, I used to love watching Danger Mouse and his clumsy assistant Penfold. A British mouse and a hamster solving crimes. Heh. The bad guys were always a fat frog Baron Greenback and a crow Stiletto. The humor was very dry British and I loved it! It's on DVD. Look for it!

The Clue Club with bloodhounds Woofer and Wimper. Kind of a poor man's Scooby Doo. But it was cute.

Here's one only me and my sister seem to remember. Another politically incorrect cartoon with an all black cast and the star was their car which was basically Speed Buggy with big lips and a ghetto accent.

Finally, there's Shmoo. He was just too cute! A ghost looking thing that always looked like it needed a shave. He would plop around and talk in a high-pitched voice. Hmm, sounds like me after a few drinks...


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