Sunday, January 08, 2006

Forever Love...

Well, Brokeback Mountain finally came to Tampa and I saw it Friday night. Don't know why they have this stupid slow rollout of the movie across the country. My expectations for this movie were high, and I am pleased to say that they were met. This was a very moving and emotionally-filled movie. Everything about it was perfect, from the cinematography, to the soundtrack, to the acting. It's just amazing the performances given by the cast. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams were excellent. And Jake Gyllenhaal had some very powerful scenes where his acting skills really surprised me. This wasn't just a movie about two "gay cowboys", it was a basic love story where two people fall in love at the wrong place and wrong time. They just both happen to be men. This was a movie that stays with you. During the drive home afterwards from my friends house who I saw it with, the whole storyline hit me again and almost had me in tears thinking about it. I'll definitely be seeing this one again.


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